Monday, September 26, 2005

ok, ok, back by popular demand.

all is well here. steven's parents are staying with us because their house got flooded. they got about 6 feet of storm surge in their house. it's uninhabitable, so, they're staying with us. they're still waiting on FEMA to give them a trailer. they should be getting on this week, hopefully. 90%of pascagoula got flooded, i believe. i THINK that's what the percentage is. anyway things still have a long way to go before it gets back to normal. a LONG way to go.

eh, more later....... :)

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Monday, August 29, 2005


still alive. wind gusts around maybe 70 to 80 mph here we are. pretty strong. we have the car (an escape) parked behind our house. the wind is coming up behind it and kinda pushing it some. it keeps moving back and forth. kinda freaky. some snapped trees. we had a porta-potty across the street at a house they're building. it's now in the middle of the street. sideways rain. kinda wicked. mack won't go out and pee. i forced him cause i knew he had to. we went out and hid behind a car to avoid the wind. he peed on the tire then we ran inside.

electricity's been out since around 7 am. lasted longer than i thought it would. i managed to get a shower and dry my hair before it went out.

we're all fine for now. it's hitting west of us. west enough that we'll be just fine.

ok, must go! working on batery now. must conserve!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005


the forecast is starting to look worse for us. definately getting scared now. kinda regretting not leaving.

so far it's not bad. wind died down some. just sprinkling a little. gonna start getting real windy around midnight, they say.

steven's friend frankie and hit 3 kids, wife, and dad are coming over shortly. gonna have a house full. ......................oi................................

biting my finger nails..........

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gettin' windy

ooo-wee, it's getting windy out there now. it's actually not THAT bad yet. the wind... i guess it's kinda like as windy as it is before a bad thunderstorm. but it's pretty constant. you can definately tell it's coming, though.

i went to fill my gas tank up. i had about 3/4 of a tank, but i just wanted to top it off. and i stopped at a mac machine and got out $200 in cash. after storms lots of businesses just take cash cause their credit card and check authorize machines are down or because their power's out altogether.

my mom and dad are starting to freak out a little. wondering why we're not going, but they're watching the weather channel. the weather channel is making it out to be that the entire gulf coast is going to be obliterated. that's not true. granted, we'll have bad weather, but we'll be ok. our house isn't going anywhere. we might lose a few roof shingles or some part of our fence at worst, but we'll be ok.

we'll probably spend a lot of time at our neighbor's house. they've got a generator and a little window a/c unit. so, needless to say, i'm gonna be milking our friendship. :) i think i might just move into their house until power comes back.

well....... anyway... i need to go. bring in some of the outside stuff. i'll try to post again tonight.

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category FIVE?!?!

hmm... well, Katrina is a category 5. it's as big as the whole state of florida. it's fucking HUGE and STRONG. still seems to be headed toward new orleans. that city is going to be destroyed. completely. what a shame. the best thing for them is for the storm to take a turn to the east and bypass them. that would be awful for us, though. still, if it hit biloxi or gulfport or so, we should be ok. there will be a high risk or tornadoes and LOTS of rain and wind, but we should remain standing. however.... ... it looks like we'll lose power... i don't know how long... but, it's more than likely gonna go bye bye. OI!

a category 5. damn... that's unfathomably strong. camille, that his pascagoula, was a cat 5... it destroyed that town in 69. destroyed. everyone around here (that's old enough) remembers it.

steven's family hauled ass. they're on their way to tallahassee. they want us to come. but, so far, steven thinks we'll be pretty ok. i think that too. if i lived in pascagoula, like they do, i'd probably leave, too. they're more toward the center of the projected path cone thing ("the cone of uncertainy").

poor new orleans. it's going to take them so long to rebuild. but they're below sea level. i mean, i feel bad for them, but i can't sympathize too much. i mean, they have to expect this shit, you know??? they're BELOW sea level... and they're RIGHT on the damn coast. they say that it's lake pontchartrain that's gonna do the most flooding and damage. the whole dang city's gonna be competely under water.

right now i'm doing as much with electricity as i can. laundry. vacuum. a lot of cleaning. i need to iron all my clothes needing ironing, too. just get it all done so i won't have to worry about it. i'm afrain i'm gonna have a hot-ass week ahead of me. oi.

i guess i'll probably be outta communication for a while. our phones usually go down in storms, as well. we lost phone service last year after Ivan for a few days. hopefully cell phones will be working. again, during Ivan, most cells were down a day or so. no blogging for a while. and i was on such a good roll!

well, needless to say, i ain't going to work tomorrow.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

is it raining? is it snowing? is a hurricane a-blowing?

we're on the eastern-most side of Katrina's projected path. that's good. we might get lucky and have Katrina dodge us altogether. however, that means we are on the east side of the storm... the roughest side of the storm. so, hopefully it'll hit way west of us and we won't get the really, really bad wind and rain. if it hits around new orleans we'll be fine. but if it hits biloxi or gulfport we'll have some rough weather, but it'll be a lot better than getting a direct hit.

steven's parents reserved a few rooms in tallahassee, florida for the whole family. they're going to go there tomorrow. don't know who else is going. we may or may not go. steven has to work tomorrow til about noon. now THAT pisses me off. he's gotta help them tie loose crap down and stuff like that. just generally make sure everything is safe and won't go flying off into space. what pisses me off is that the storm is expected to hit monday. sunday afternoon is not enough time for the people that work there to get all their own personal shit secure. and what if they wanted to evacuate?? they'd have to go like sunday afternoon/evening. that's hardly enough time. it's not fair. anyway, about tallahasse... i guess we'll decide before 6:00 tomorrow night if we're gonna go or not. we have until then to cancel our reservation. i really don't think we'll need to go. at least i hope not.

anyway, i hate to wish this storm on anyone. it's going to be a bad one. but i sure don't want it to come anywhere close to here.

steven and i went out to dinner this evening and saw a few businesses already boarded up. sheesh, my work waits until the morning of the day the storm hits to board up. idiots. i don't know why they wait until the last possible second.

i have to call my work tomorrow to see if we're gonna be open monday or not. i woulda called today but i figured they wouldn't know yet. they never know until the day before. i'll just call tomorrow afternoon. even if they ARE open monday and the weather is bad, i don't think i'll go. i'm not leaving the house if it absolutely pouring down rain and super-ass windy. i'm not gonna leave and get stranded somewhere not able to get back. the roads around my house flood pretty easily when it's raining a lot. and i certainly don't want to leave my dog in all that crap. but, it al depends on where the storm hits. we'll see.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Damn you, Katrina!

well, we're being told to get ready for yet another hurricane. arg! i'm really getting tired of these things. they starting to become a pain in the ass. we're not gonna evacuate for this one. we left for Dennis a couple of months ago and it turned out to be nothing. nothing here in Mobile, anyway. Pensacola got the shit knocked outta them, though. we got lucky. anyway, we're gonna stay unless it starts to look REALLY bad. i've still got all my batteries and candles and shit from previous storms. i've got my emergency radio and battery operated tv. i just wish we had a generator. we need a shed so that we can store one when we're not in need of it. oh well, hopefully it'll miss us again this time. hopefully it'll hit either east of us or way west. being directly on the west side of the storm is the roughest side, so, if it hits Pascagoula or somewhere near there, we're screwed. :) ho hum. it'll be hitting somewhere Monday. oooh, maybe the store will close and i won't have to go to work! we still get paid when we close for hurricanes.

i just hate all this "preparation" shit. people go crazy. trying to get gas is a nightmare. half the pumps close down because they're outta gas. people filling up their cars and gas cans for their generators. people running to the grocery stores to get water and bread and canned goods. it just gets so annoying.

it's funny. when i 1st moved here i couldn't wait for a hurricane to hit. i wanted so badly to experience one. i've completely changed me attitude. they're just too annoying. :) is that bad? i don't so much worry about all the damage as much as how it'll disturb my life for a few days. Lord i hope we don't lose power for days at a time. i don't want to lose it at all. oi.... i need my air conditioner. and hair dryer.

my folks are coming for a visit on Wednesday. hmm, hope Katrina doesn't effect their coming at all.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

another post?!?!

well, i didn't rob a bank... and i didn't do anything else to have an eventful weekend... soooo, i guess i'll just go ramble on about nothing.

it's been a couple of years since i've had a real meaningful post. you'd think i'd have a lot to update ya'll on, huh? ha! :) well, i suppose i've never mentioned on here that steven and i got a house... yep, got a house... lovely house... :) it's kinda outside of town a little bit, so, we don't get cable out here, so not cable internet service... and our phone company is shit, so, we don't have DSL.... sooooooo, we've got dial-up. ohhhh well. better than nothing.

we recently got a lap top and gave our desktop to Stevens parents. now i can get on the pooter in the living room while lounging on the couch... which is why i've been getting on a lot more lately... and why i think i might take up blogging again. it might not be an every day thing... or even an every other day thing....... but maybe every few days or something. we'll see.

still got the same job at the same place. nothing new there. steven's got the same job at the same place, too, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that that may soon change. i don't like talking or thinking about it cause it might jinx things... but, if he did get another job, it would require a move... outta the south...

i'm a little frustrated with my blog... i've forgotten just about all i knew about HTML, so i'm having trouble fixing some things... not a huge deal or anything. just makes me feel......... old.

well, i guess that's it for now. i live the most dull life ever. :)

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Saturday, August 20, 2005


more to come later...

i need to have an eventful day to blog about.........

maybe i'll go rob a bank...

stay tuned...

happy lisa???

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

would you actually believe i just posted? a fairly decent sized post? that actually kinda updated those that might care what i've been doing since august of 2003?

i somehow lost that post. earthlink and their fecking pop-up blockers made me lose that post. not EXACTLY sure how, but, it's their fault. crap heads.

i don't feel like repeating all i just typed. maybe later.

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