Tuesday, August 14, 2001

well, good morning everyone... i just got up about an hour ago... now i'm eating my Bowl Appetit mashed potatoes with butter and herbs... yummy... they need one with cheese in it, though...

i kinda like this blog thingy... i've been doing a little HTML studying for it... changing fonts and colors and table sizes... and i figured out how to add links on the side of the thingy... beth tried to tell me how, but she just made me more confused then i already was... :) so, i just tried to get it myself... and i did!! i'm proud of myself... beth told me how to do all the hard stuff though... and i'm wondering where she learned all of this? is there a blog cheating site or something?

well, i've kinda got a lot of errands to run today, but i think i'm gonna be a bum and do none of them... :) nothing is a big emergency that can't wait til tomorrow...

well, i guess i was right... this blog thing is turning out to be mighty boring... not like i have a mighty interesting life to talk about... there IS my life as a secret agent... but i'm not supposed to talk about that...

oh, i wrote to Carrabba's... asking them if this wonderful news could possibly be true... but i haven't heard anything yet... but i don't see how it CAN'T be true... :) :) :) :)

ok, it's general hospital time.... i gotta go!!

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