Saturday, September 08, 2001

HEY!!!!!!! guess what I got today?!?!?!!! a tuner, speakers, and a 32" TV!!! WOO HOO!!!! S decided this morning that he wanted to get me a tuner and speakers so we can watch things in stereo... so, we went to Rex, a stereo/tv/appliance store... and got a tuner and 2 speakers... got home... and my TV didn't have audio inputs.... soooo... what should we do?? well, buy a new TV of course!!! and why buy an equivalent size TV with just audio inputs?? why not upgrade?? why not get a bigger TV?? soooo, we got a 32"!!
oooooooooooooooh, it's SOOOOO big!!! it's lovely!!!!! so we put my 27" up in my room... which is HUGE for the upstairs... ahhh... i'm so happy!!! so, for the downstairs, i got cool sound and a huge picture... it's so great... :) we're watching The Matrix right now... it's awesome... :)

well, you like my new blog colors? do you notice a difference? miss lisa didn't........ i already got the new colors set up and just the way i wanted them... and then i had the idea of doing a seasonal theme... do fall colors and stuff... but i had already just spent like 2 hours playing around with the blog, trying to add table cells and change colors and all... i just got tired of messing around with it... i would still like to do it, though.... but... it's a lot of trouble... maybe some other time...

i called lisa last night... that girl... hehehe... she can sure shock me... :)

ok, i'm gonna go enjoy my TV now... :) ta!

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