Tuesday, September 18, 2001

jimmy neutron's so cute... :)

i got a pizza for dinner... yuck... shouldn't have... i'm sooo full now... and now my headache's back...

well, i guess i gotta call the cable company---- (*note to lisa... rocking the suburbs? dorky-ass dancing? huge ben teeth! ya'll don't know what it's like? being middle class and white? uh, yeah, i do. cool how his mouth moved perfectly backwards. didn't realize he played guitar and drums. overall... i'm ashamed that i thought it was pretty good.)

ah-hem... ----well, i guess i gotta call the cable company tomorrow because ALL my channels are fuzzy... all channels up to 9 i can not get... and all channels after 40-something are so loud with static i can't hear anything... grr...

ooo, S coming over!! he's on his way!! yay!! i gotta go to sonic in 10 minutes to get him some food so it's here waiting for him when he gets home... i gotta do it... cause... we've got no time to waste! they're showing both real worlds tonight!!

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