Wednesday, September 12, 2001

well, i don't think i've ever watched so much news in my life... even when i'm in my car, i'm listening to news stations... i can't tear myself away... i'm afraid if i shut the news off, something's going to happen... something important...

some people, american people, my age... friends of friends... have made some pretty ugly comments... i'm not going to go into them... most of them are linked on Beth's blog... but... i really do no think that this is the time to put down fellow citizens... this is not the time... not to sound corny... but this is the time when we should all gather and try to console each other... and hope together that more people will be found alive, that we will find out who did this and we will punish them... this is the time when people become more patriotic than ever... and that, i think, is necessary... not to say that people are not patriotic during any other normal period... but it's at times like this that people appreciate life, appreciate their neighbors, appreciate that we live in this great country... not that we appreciate what has just happened to the country... but we can all gather now, as a people, and do what we need to do...

we don't know yet where all this is going to lead... which, i think, is the really scary part... when will this really be over? will it ever be over? i think that from now on, life in the US is definately going to be different... it's sad, but we're not going to be so trusting anymore... more precautions taken in everything we do... but who knows? maybe things might turn back to normal... or semi-normal, anyway... but, it'll take a while...

i think that it's amazing that the FBI has so many leads, already... that's great... we're pretty sure now that most of the terrorists, or at least some, lived in southern florida... we've found many of their home, supposedly... they've arrested some people in an Amtrak train in Massachusetts? wow... maybe, soon, we WILL know who did this... not only the individuals involved, but the group or government...

oh well... who really knows anything anymore?

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