Friday, October 19, 2001

AH!! check this out! i thought this was some cheesey spam... but it's NOT!

Hmmm... just a little weird fact to maybe cheer up your day. It's about 2:03 AM for me right now, and it's suddenly turned into a stressful evening, but anyway!! My best friend sent me an e-mail with some lyrics by Thursday in it, and had said he did them from memory so I was going to look up the correct ones via google search. Typed in the specifications:' thursday night "never ends" ' and your page came up as the first hit. The thing that struck me about this is my name is *our name* too. Oh well. I hope you're having a pleasant evening, day, morning, where ever it is wherever you are when you read this. Maybe this e-mail even made you say, "huh". Eh, life is beautiful. It was a pleasure writing you.
-*hers and my name*

so... DO IT! the google search... it's TRUE! hehehehe... it HAS cheered up my day! i need to write this chick back... hehehe... but not now! must go to class! which i have a test in! which i haven't studied for! or read ANY of the reading! i'm sooooooooo gonna bomb! :) and you know what's sad? i... like... don't care... this is AWFUL!

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