Monday, October 08, 2001

well, i had a very naughty weekend... we cheated the whoooole time... :) but it was soooo good!! :)

S's dad had a bit of a scare this weekend... had a kidney stone on saturday night... and when the doc's did x-rays to locate the stone, they found some weird mass in his right kidney... which didn't look like a good thing... anyway, they did some tests and found out that it's a cyst... which is better than anything else it coulda been... so, they're not going to do anything about it, since it's not hurting anything... so, that's a good thing... :)

what a hectic week of school... and it's all my own dang fault... i was supposed to meet some my group (we're working on a project together for tech writing) tonight at the library... but we were gonna discuss exactly when we'd meet on monday of thursday... well, stupid me didn't show up to class thursday... and i just realized this afternoon that i'm supposed to meet them... but, i have to go to the hospital tonight to see S's dad... so, i left a message for one of the other group members... asked him if we're still on for tonight, told me i couldn't come, and told him to call me to tell me to do ANYTHING he wants... cause we have to turn in something tomorrow... i hope he'll call me before i leave... ugh... i'm such a slacker.. and it's one thing when it hurts my own grades, but i just hope that this isn't going to hurt the rest of my group... that's not fair to them...

and then... i have another project due thursday for the same class... but this is just an individual project... i'm supposed to interview someone that does technical writing every day for work... i WAS gonna interview my dad like this week.. but... i didn't realize they were going on vacation this week!!! ahhh!!! screwed myself once again! so, i'm just gonna interview S... he does SOME tech writing... but not much... ughy...

and i've got another take-home test due wednesday... which i haven't even read a thing for in the class... screwing myself!!!!!!!!

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