Saturday, January 19, 2002

i'm making a quilt!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! and QUILT!!!!!!! look here!!! i'd post the piccie here, but it's too huge... it would mess up my format........

i took a pic of the squares laying on my living room floor before i started sewing... just in case i somehow messed up the pattern... i'd have something to look at so i knew how to put it back together... :) anyway... i got this bright idea this afternoon around 2 cause i was BORED!! so, i went to Jo-Anne Fabrics and rummaged through the remnant bin for like 30 minutes... and... came home... but the fabric up in 6 inch squares... and made a pattern on the floor... and began sewing! :) i still have to get the batting and the fabric for the back... i'll do that tomorrow or monday... but, i'm about half way through sewing all the squares together......

this is a lot more work than i thought it would be......

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