Wednesday, February 20, 2002

The latest Dvorak article...

ok, so like... informative... somewhat interesting for those geeks that find the evolution of personal computers a tinsy bit fascinating... but then he goes and acts like a smart-ass... which i suppose is the "in" thing to do for today journalists... be as sarcastic and as big of a smart ass as you can...

he discusses mullets and how he wouldn't really know about them if it weren't for the internet and the 100s of sites dedicated to mullets... "I guess the evolution of personal computing has been leading to this all along: mullets. It's a shame." JERK! why is that a shame?? the internet can be MANY things... it is meant to be MANY things... informative, a way to communicate, a way to teach... and a place to have fun! and talk about mullets!!! sheesh.... jerk............ me don't like him much...

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