Saturday, March 02, 2002

boring day alone... blah!

woke up at 11... got a shower... took out the trash... did the laundry minus the towels (didn't have enough quarters, actually, i had PLENTY, but they were in my special coinage saving tin and i didn't really want to dig in there... cause that's money to be saved... not used for laundry... and besides, i already had 3 loads to do and there are only 3 working dryers and i didn't want to have to make more trips to the laundry room than i had to... though i did ANYWAY because one of the working dryers was in use when i needed it and another of the working dryers decided NOT get my quarters stuck and not give them back to me and not accept them for drying time... UGH!)... gave clyde a bath... cleaned the bathroom... vacuumed... blah... boring...

oh, more laundry room stories... when i was in there putting my clothes in the washer i stepped on a vile of drugs... the kind that you stick the needle into the top of it and draw out the liquid drugs... are they called viles? ANYWAY... i stepped on one that was FULL and broke the glass... so i got drugs all over the floor... why was there a vile in the laundry room? anyway... i looked at it, did not touch! just looked... it was delatestryl... some testosterone enanthate.... again, what the hell was it doing on the laundry room floor???

S's FINALLY finished with the damn car and is FINALLY on his way home... ugh... :) it's 10:30... he must be tired... he spent all of yesterday and today putting his new amps in... wiring it all up.. and building a box for the subwoofer... all that jazz that i don't give a hoot about....

anyway.. that's all i have to say... just needed to blog...

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