Wednesday, April 03, 2002

ok, have you seen the Kohler commercial? where the man gets off the bus right as a woman is pulling up in her convertible? they see each other and then sneer at each other... and then the man takes off running while the woman steps on the gas... all the while they are stripping themselves... then the man runs into a house wearing only his boxers at this point.. and the woman puls up to the house and runs to the door in her undies and yells at the man, through the locked door, that it is her turn... and then they show the man in this AWESOME shower... and he's supposedly naked? you know... taking a shower... anyway... it's a glass shower... and you can see the man's reflction in the glass... next time you watch the commercial... look at the lower right hand corner of your screen... you can see that the man is wearing black speedos in the reflection...

so, he wasn't really naked... what a gyp... :) oh... and this is the problem i have with it... i know that an actor wouldn't really want to be TRULY naked when he didn't have to be for a stupid commercial... but... he was wearing boxer shorts when he was entering the house... they shoulda had him keep them on for the shower scene... that way if someone sees the reflection (as i did) when they never really meant for anyone to... they would see the boxers and think "ha ha, funny... the man was in SUCH a hurry to get into the shower that he didn't take his undies off..."

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