Friday, May 24, 2002

well, the folks are coming on sunday... which means that i've got to clean like a mad woman tomorrow (well, today, really)... ugh... my mom will inspect the apartment... she might not make it totally obvious, but she will... and she'll comment on any spec of dust that she finds... they won't be here until sunday evening, but i want to get everything done on saturday so that i've got no obligations on sunday... i want to spend it with S doing whatever we want... sunday is his one day that he doesn't have to work... it'll be the only real time i've had with him all week... and it will be the last alone time we have until next saturday when my parents leave... grr... :)

so, i'm going to try to wake up before noon tomorrow... i want to hurry up and get to the laundry room before anyone even thinks about doing their laundry... but, i don't have any quarters... so 1st i need to drive up to the car wash and get change... then to the laundry room... then lots of cleaning...

wonder what my mom will have to say about Lottie?? hmm... surely she'll have something to say...

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