Friday, May 17, 2002

well, i just joined some webrings... why? well, call me a sell-out... but i just want more people to come to my blog! :) i want to be famous! ok, no, i don't want to be famous... i just think it would be neat to get as many readers as i possibly can... i know i'm not the most interesting read.. my life IS mundane, i know...

anyway, i say i joined some webrings, but they really have yet to accept me... i hope they will... i feel like i meet the criteria... and if now... then my feelings will be truly hurt... :( no... if they don't accept me.. than oh well... what can i do? go for a sex change and join a male webring? :)

anyway, i chose these webrings cause (i am a sell-out) i tend to see them more often than any other webrings... maybe it's just the group of blog i read, i don't know... i looked into many other webrings, but most of them are centered around some kind of hobby or interest... and i don't have any hobbies, though i really need one... all i really do is blog and play around on the computer doing various things... so... i signed up for a blogger webring, which is just for people who use their blog as a journal more than a place to tell people of the nifty sites you recently surfed... and i signed up for a woman's webring... because... well... i am female... last i checked, anyway...

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