Sunday, May 05, 2002

well, S got up before me, as he often does on weekends... he got up around 9 and i stayed in bed til 12 (BUM!)... he finally came in to wake me up and said he was gonna bring me toast but he couldn't find the toaster (aww, i woulda loved for him to bring me breakfast in bed, oh well)... so i told him that the toaster was in the microwave cart and i followed him downstairs and watched him make me toast... :)

before going back upstairs to take my shower i wanted to check my e-mail (not that i ever really get any)... and i got a letter from the folks at the peer-to-peer review project... aaaaaaaaaaand........ the blog reviews are finally in!! and i am VERY happy to report that my reviewer liked my blog!!! yay!!!!!

hee hee hee, excellent way to start my day... :)

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