Thursday, June 06, 2002

fa la la... bored once again... blah...

watching mad about you... I, unlike half the people i know, really like this show... my late-nights depend on mad about you... i watch the 2 episodes of mad about you and then i watch GH again on soapnet... why do i watch GH again? because, half the time when they show it in the afternoon i don't pay very good attention... i'm usually doing things and miss half the show... like i did today... i had GH on, but i wasn't paying the closest attention like i should have been... shame on me... :)

i took some benadryl allergy so that i will be tired when GH is over... i didn't wake up this afternoon till 1... ONE! ugh... i mean, usually when i sleep that late, i wake up at like 9 or 10 and then go back to sleep... and then wake up again... then go back to sleep again... but this time... i slept straight through until 12:57pm... i will set my alarm for 9, as i do every night, but this time, i will actually WAKE UP at 9 and NOT turn the alarm clock off... or at least i hope...

ok, i'm gonna go pay attention to mad about you now...

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