Tuesday, June 25, 2002

i'm a nag, i know

grr, well, i do hate to be a nag... but my blog is still not ad-free... i wrote to Pyra again just now and asked them what was up... i really do love Blogger, and i hate to complain... but, grr! i want my ad-free blog! :) i'm sure they're just working on a kink or something... so, i'm not mad or anything... i just don't want them to forget about me...

anyway, S brought up something this evening that i really hadn't thought of... is it annoying to you guys that i change my template so often? does that irk you? do you want me to just stick to one template for like... at least... 6 months?? i haven't had my blog a whole year yet and i've gone through at least 6 different layouts... that does sound like a lot, huh? arg, sorry... :) i might hold off changing my template again for a few weeks... then again, i might not... but i promise, i will keep this new template for multiple months... yes... months... :) sorry if i'm any annoyance to you.........

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