Tuesday, June 25, 2002

looking for a job

i looked up that restaurant that my neighbor lady told S about... i think i found the right place in the phone book... i called the number and no one answered... i called a 2nd time and a recorded operator came on and said that i needed to dial a 1 and an area code before dialing this long distance number... i was like "huh??"... so, i dialed a 1 and the area code and then the number and then an operator came on again and said that this number did not require a 1 and an area code since it was local... grr... so i called AGAIN and still no answer...... so then i looked it up online... and i found a place in town by the SAME NAME in a different location and a different phone number... so, i called that number and it was disconnected... GRR!! i need to talk to the neighbor chick and ask her about it... and maybe ask her to put in a good word for me... and then i need to get her full name so that when i DO go i can mention her... maybe that will help me out some... sigh...

so, then, i went back to the grocery store today to ask them if they've reviewed any applications and if not, when they might get around to doing that... the chick said that they are not currently hiring (then why do they still have a "now hiring all positions" sign up???) but they will be when some of the younger employees go off to college in about a month and a half... grr...

anyway, when i was pulling back up in front of the apartment, i saw my neighbor lady leaving... she was already past me by the time i saw her... so i couldn't really flag her down... no that i would do that, anyway... that's not my style... hehe... sigh...

anyway... i have an appointment tomorrow to get my hair cut... yay! gonna get a couple inches whacked off... and i need layers! my hair is so dull... it just lays there... hmm, maybe a new look could help me get a job??

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