Wednesday, June 26, 2002

oops, alarm didn't go off

i missed my hair appointment!! ahh!! i forgot to set my alarm last night and i realized it this morning when S got up for work... so, in my half-asleep state, i set my alarm to wake me up an hour and a half before my appointment... but it never went off.. grrr... my appointment was at 10am... so... at 11 i woke up... grr... :) anyway, all is good, i called up the hair people and told them i missed my appointment this morning... i was expecting them to be a bit peeved, but a nice older lady answered the phone (at least she sounded like an older lady) and she rescheduled me for 1:00 today... whew... :) the only problem is... General Hospital comes on at 2:00... so, i'm most likely gonna miss it... or at least the 1st half........... oh well...... hehe, i'm so pathetic... :) i'll just watch it tonight on SoapNet.... :)

ok, off i go! i must get a shower and go to the bank... with only an hour and 15 minutes left! gah!!

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