Tuesday, June 18, 2002

*sniff sniff*

i went upstairs to get ready for bed, turning off all the lights downstairs as i went up, and i was in the bathroom for about 2 minutes when i remembered that i wanted to stay up till midnight, at least, so that i could wish bethy a happy birthday on my blog... so, i decided to come downstairs without turning on the hall light because i didn't want to disturb S... sigh... big mistake... i forgot that we had, stupidly, put the DVD player on the steps for a lack of a better place to store it... so, i'm sure you can see where this story is going... my foot landed on the dvd player, slipped on it's slick top surface... my leg flew up in front me... and i went tumbling down the stairs.... :( my booty hurts..... and my left hand hurts... i hit it several times against the iron railing... :( it's all swollen now... :( i don't know how it didn't wake S up...

it's funny how something like that just sort of makes time slow down... the split second that my foot slipped on the dvd player, i knew exactly what happened and that i was about go sliding down the steps... and it was like i was watching myself as it was happening... it was like "ah, shit... here i go..." *boom boom boom boom* knowing exactly what was about to happen but being totally unable to steady yourself and prevent it....

ho hum...

bethy, you better appreciate my pain... :)

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