Tuesday, June 18, 2002

well, i took clyde to the vet... and the turd wouldn't let the vet see that he was in pain... he wouldn't do a thing as she was twisting and turning his leg around to try to find the problem... i know it had to hurt... on the way to the vet, in the car, when i went around curves or over bumps, anything that jostled him a little, he would whine and whimper... so, i know he was still hurting.... silly proud doggie... but she could feel the swelling in the muscle and determined that he most likely pulled a muscle... she prescribed him some anti-inflamatory medicine and told me to make sure he keeps off his legs and doesn't play too much... he's whining again now that he's back at home...

in other news... i have 18 mosquito bites on my poor legs... it's miserable... rather, I'M miserable.... 2 of them are on my toes.... grr...

ok, i'm gonna go now... figure out what to do for dinner... i forgot to thaw out any meat... i'm sure it won't be nearly thawed by the time for din din... hmm, maybe we can go to applebee's for one of those delicious oriental chicken salads.. mmm.. :)

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