Tuesday, July 02, 2002

am i an employee?

ok, i think i have a job... not quite sure, though...

i went to the grocery store and talked to the manager guy... and he asked me if i currently had a job and if i'm going to school and what i'm majoring in... blah blah... and he says he needs someone in the deli... he told me to come back tomorrow at 10am... and that was basically it... i was in his office talking to him about 2 minutes... soooooo, am i hired?? guess i'll find out for sure tomorrow... but if i DO have a job..... YAY!!!!!!! it's about damn time!!!!! woo hoo!!!!! granted, it's just a job at the deli in a grocery store... but like i said before, i'm too desperate to be picky... so, i don't care! hehhe, i'll have to wear a hairnet... hehehe... oh well... i'm not too proud... :) YAY!!!!! :) :)

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