Tuesday, July 02, 2002


the grocery store that i applied to called me this afternoon while i wasn't home... i saw that they called on the caller ID... so, i called them back and they want me to come in for an interview today at 3:30!! YAY!! BUT! the reason why i wasn't home when they called was because i was getting quarters to do laundry and i was starting the laundry... so... all... and i mean ALL, including my good clothes, are now in the dryer.... and they'll be finished just around 3:30!! when i need to be there!!! ahhh!!!!! ugh, i hope they'll be dry enough early so that i can run over to the laundry room and get them, then come back and put them on... then run out to the store... AHHH!!!!! and i'm like... looking trashy today! i wasn't planning on doing anything but laundry and giving clyde a bath... i'm all sweaty and gross... i need to do my hair! and make-up!

wow, a job..... what if i get it?? ok, shush... i'll jinx myself... but, wow... this is my 1st call-back... amazing.. :)

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