Monday, July 22, 2002

miss russia cooking again

miss russia, the lady next door... is cooking something horrible... it's penetrating through her walls and coming in here... god, it stinks...

hmm, i don't think i've ever mentioned miss russia in my blog before........

miss russia is the chick that lives next door... she looks to be around 33-38 years old... she hardly speaks a word of english.... she knows SOME... like "hello" and "how are you" she's said "Merry Christmas" to S before... and she managed to ask him to open up a can of show polish for her... but it was more like "You know how open?"... as well as we can figure, she's Russian.. or something like that... she speaks VERY LOUDLY when on the phone... and the only company she ever has is more Russian people... and they all talk REALLY LOUD.... i had no idea there was such a large Russian community down here...

anyway, every once in a while she cooks some nasty smelling dinner and i can smell it from my apartment... yuck...

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