Monday, August 05, 2002

computer desk

yesterday S and i got a new computer desk... :) i promise! we are done buying stuff!!! this is IT!! :)

anyway, we got a new desk because we decided that we really needed to downsize... the other computer desk was so huge.. it was really a lot bigger than the space we had for it... it just... was too large... we live in a one bedroom apartment, so the only place for the computer is either in the living room or bedroom... and i don't want the computer in the bedroom since i'm on it all the time, i didn't want to be holed up in the bedroom all day, you know? ANYWAY, the only space in the living room for the computer desk is a small areas next to the couch... the old computer desk took up that entire area and it just looked really cramped and cluttered... so, we got a much smaller desk... and it's so lovely... :) it looks so much better for this spot... the only problem is that we have a lot less storage, so we threw away a lot of shit and the stuff that we could not throw away was just thrown into the closet.......

now... the closet... it's such a damn mess... everything is just thrown in there... everything that i don't want out for the world (or myself) to see... maybe i'll tackle that tomorrow... organize it some... throw more crap away...

anyway, i've got today and tomorrow off... yippy!

registration for fall semester is this week... my scheduled time to register is on wednesday at 7:45am... i've got to be at work at 8... i think i better call in tomorrow and let them know that i'll be a little late for work on wednesday... shouldn't be too late, maybe like 15 minutes, as long as nothing goes wrong...

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