Tuesday, August 06, 2002

the deal

from the NBC 15 -WPMI site...

(MOBILE, Ala.) August 6 - Police say four people were shot Monday night at a Mobile apartment complex in an apparent dispute over money and property.

One of the victims died while undergoing treatment. Mobile Police Department spokesman Sgt. John Goodwin said officers were called to Yester Oaks Apartments about 10:15 p.m. to investigate reports of gunfire. Police found two gunshot victims, Christopher Baker and Jerome Burton, both 19.

Baker later died at Springhill Memorial Hospital. Burton is listed in stable condition.

Police said a short time later two men showed up at Providence Hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. They were identified as 28-year-old Kevin Gray and 22-year-old Jeffrey F..

F. is listed in critical condition, while Gray's condition is stable.

According to police account of the incident, Baker, Gray, F. and 20-year-old Robert Pierce had forced their way into Burton's apartment. Burton was fatally shot after a brief struggle with Baker. A sixth man also got involved -- 22-year-old David C. tried to help Burton and fired several shots striking the three intruders.

Pierce, who was waiting outside, is accused of firing shots into the apartment as the three injured men fled. Pierce was charged with burglary and shooting into an occupied dwelling.

Police said additional charges are pending.

soo, Baker died... but Burton was fatally shot?? get you facts straight!! who's dead?!?! cause i think Baker was the dude that S and i talked to... and took the entertainment center... hmm, i hope my entertainment center is ok................

shame on me!

*update: Burton is ok, he was just hurt in the left forearm... he's the one that helped with the entertainment center...

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