Thursday, August 08, 2002

frippin' frappin' grrrrr

ok, so, like, coming home from work tonight, i was pulling up to my parking space when i saw a dude walking along the sidewalk... i thought that was odd cuase i didn't recognize the guy... and... he just seemed suspicious... anyway, so, i pulled into my space and shut the car off... i opened the door and as i was getting out (i was still half-way in the car) the dude walked up to me and stood right in the doorway of the car, so, he was like, blocking me, whether on purpose or not... this freaked me out... it being dark and nighttime... me being a girl... and the odd happenings around the place... and him blocking me... it just scared me... duh... anyway, he asked me if i knew where the shootings on monday night took place... i said "yeah, right across the street"...

he said "which apt?" i said "that one... on the end"

he said "ok, great, thanks... do you know if the police towed any vehicles from that apartment on monday night??" i said "i have no idea..."

he said "well, did you happen to witness anything that happened that night?" i said "no, i really didn't see anything..."

he said "ok, well, thanks for your help... i didn't mean to bother you with these questions..." and then he starts to fish through his pocket, freaking me out, and he pulls something out, freaking me out... and he hands me his damn card... he's a freaking lawyer... what the hell??? grrrrrrrrrrr.....

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