Wednesday, August 14, 2002

hips and sties

well, yesterday morning i woke up around 5:15 to take clyde outside to pee and to give him his breakfast as i always do every morning.. and when i woke up i noticed he wasn't being a vocal as he normally was... he's usually super excited in the mornings to go out and to get his breakfast... he was waiting for me at the top of the stairs... so i went on down ahead of him... i got down a few steps when i heard him kind of whining as he was very slowly going down the stairs... so i knew he somehow hurt himself again... so i picked him up and carried him down stairs... it was his hips... i don't know how he hurt himself, but he did... i have an idea, though, of what it might have been... the night before he was really playful and leaped off the bed a couple of times... poor old man... he probably didn't realize that he hurt himself or strained something until the next morning after lying down still all night... he probably stiffened up some and got sore... poor baby...

anyway, i didn't take him to the vet... last time i took him there really wasn't anything wrong... he's just old and is pron to getting sore... i had some left-over anti-inflamatory medicine the vet gave him last time, so i gave him those pills and aspirin... he's all better today... wouldn't even know he was hurt yesterday...

also yesterday morning i noticed that my right eye was sore... i didn't really think anything of it... that afternoon i saw a sty forming on my eyelid... grr... it was sore like a sty normally is... but it wasn't any worse than other sties i've had... that night it starting getting bigger... this morning i woke up and my eye was swollen half-way shut... and it was soooooore... i've never had a sty that bad before... and i was supposed to go to work at 11... i knew i looked really gross... and this was the worst sty i've ever had, so i decided to go to the doctor to get some anti-biotics... i called work and told them i had a nasty eye and i was sure that customers would probably be grossed out to receive food from me... and i went to the doctor... she said it was a sty, alright... and that it was spreading around my eyelid which was why it was all swollen and red... so, she prescribed me anti-biotic horse pills and some gooey ointment... man, with that ointment on i look soooo nasty... red, swollen, wet, shiney eye... so gross... most of the swelling has disappeared throughout the day, but it'll probably be all swollen again in the morning... night time does that to eyes... why?

and now i have a headache... grr... complain complain... :)

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