Wednesday, August 21, 2002


uhh... okaaay...

some French author named Meyssan feels "that a military faction in the U.S. government used remote controls to guide two aircraft into the twin towers and that a U.S. missile -- not American Airlines jet -- smashed into the Pentagon." bin Laden had nothing to do with what happened on September 11th... the American government is just using him and the Taliban as scapegoats...

"He contends that photographs showed the damage at the Pentagon to be incompatible with a Boeing 757 airliner crash, while both witness accounts and official statements of the crash were contradictory and incomplete... Meyssan concedes he lacks concrete proof of such a plot as well as evidence of what happened to American Airlines Flight 77 and its 64 passengers if it did not crash into the Pentagon."

where could it have gone??

frippin' idiot...

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