Monday, August 05, 2002

"i'm detective (insert name of detective here [i forgot his name]), homicide"

homicide detective just came to ask some more questions... i told him the same story.. he asked me if i might recognize the 2 dudes (the one in the white tank top holding the gun) if i saw them again... and i said "honestly, no.. i didn't get a good look at their faces... i didn't look long enough... i saw a gun and go the hell away from the window"...

he asked if we noticed anything funny in the past few days... said no... just told him about the fishy activities that always occur around that apartment...

greeeeaaaaat... now i'm really on record...

he asked me if there was any particular reason why i didn't look out the window as soon as i heard the gun shots... i was like "yeah, cause i was scared shitless and decided that dropping to the ground would probably be a better idea"... i didn't say that, exactly, i just said that i decided to get in front of the loveseat on the floor... and that a minute later i got up and took a peek.. sheesh.......

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