Tuesday, August 06, 2002

some pics

sorry they're sorta fuzzy... it's either due to a crappy camera or a crappy photographer... i'm betting it's due to the crappy photographer... :)

the apartment - the apartment on the end on the right is where they live and is where the cops came and all that... pic was taken around 6:30am...

other end of building - where i saw the 2 dudes (one of them with the gun) and where the other dude was running from on his way into his apartment... taken around 6:30, again...

news (1) people (2) - there's a dude in a suit and a camera man in these pics... the camera man is sorta hard to see (really sorry about the quality of these pics)... he's standing by the tree... these were taken from my doorway, i was just holding the door open crack, i didn't want them to see me... the dude in the suit, the reporter, was stopping anyone and everyone that went by trying to talk to them and get them on camera... no thank you... :) ...pics taken around 12:30 this afternoon...

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