Tuesday, August 06, 2002


ok, just watched the news... whew... they didn't put me on... thank GOD!!!

anyway, the dude that lives at the apartment, the one that took the entertainment center, is ok... and he's not charged with anything... good, he seemed like a pretty night guy...

i just saw him about an hour ago... someone in a pick-up dropped him off, they didn't stay long... he had a bandage on his forearm... he didn't seem to go into the apartment.......

pics (1) of him (2) coming back, he's the one in the white t-shirt and black shorts... he seems to be talking to the dude that brought him... all those other people are construction workers that are remodelling some apartments around here... they're using one of the apartmetns in that same building as their office... they were just looking at all the bullet holes and shit... and .. i'm such a damn nosey person... hehhe... i shouldn't be taking these pics... :)

you can see 3 bullet holes on the building... on the downstairs window on the left... there are 3 bullet holes, one into the window, one of the frame, and one in the siding under the window... i saw news people and those construction workers staring at that window all day, i figured they must be looking at bullet holes, and sure enough, they were... i saw them on the news... i might go check them out later...

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