Friday, September 20, 2002

friday five

1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people?
i think i'm pretty ok at it... i've definately kept in touch with all the friends that i care about keeping in touch with...

2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?
i'd prefer to meet in person, of course... but that's hardly ever possible... i mostly keep in touch with my friends with AIM or reading thier blogs... and e-mail and mail, but not too often....

3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it?
yes, i use AIM... just AIM... because it's a very cheap (free) way to keep in touch with my buds... much better than calling... and i know that if i didn't use AIM i wouldn't keep in touch as well with them... i use it ALL THE TIME...

4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away?
they ALL live very very far away... :(

5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"?
i'm definately not an "out of sight, out of mind" person... but i don't necessarily believe that "distance [i thought it was "absence?"] makes the heart grow fonder"... dinstance surely makes the heart grow sadder... i miss all my friends... :(

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