Friday, September 13, 2002


ugh!! why won't my bloggy work!!!!!!

this is pissing me off!!!!

anyway... tropical storm hanna's projected path is right through my back yard... my very first tropical storm!! how exciting!! it's already pouring outside... i got SOAKED getting to my car after class... roads are already flooding... this, actually, is kinda crappy... :) it's not supposed to really hit until tomorrow morning (i think)... and i was planning on going grocery shopping tomorrow!! grr...

anyway, i contacted the helper people at blogger to fix my damn blog... i haven't gotten a response yet.. supposedly they've been having some troubles with blogger pro... ugh... not sure if they think they've fixed these problems.. but... my blog is fucked up... none of my posts are showing up... my comment links are still showing up, but they're not in the right spot, they're all below where my posts should go... i haven't even touched the template, so i know i didn't mess it up accidently... it was working just fine last night... then this morning i looked at it and it's all funky... ARG!!

i'm not a happy camper...

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