Monday, September 30, 2002

here i am!

well now, shame on me for not blogging in so long... the last few days have been pretty uneventful...

steven worked saturday, so i was home alone all day... i thought about cleaning, but could only bring myself to vacuum... i was just feeling too lazy... i also thought about going grocery shopping... but... i didn't... :) i just read and watched tv... then when steven came home we went to carrabba's for dinner... YUM! my favoritest restaurant in all the world... i got dessert, which i don't normally do at carrabba's... i got the john cole, which is just vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and pecans coated in cinnamon and sugar... was tres yummy... so yummy, in fact, that last night i decided that i wanted to make my own john cole... so, at 7:30 i ran to the grocery store (had to haul ass before the sopranos came on) and got the ice cream, caramel, and pecans in syrup... i had to coat the pecans myself in the cinnamon and sugar... anyway, it was so good!! (and i made it home with plenty of time to spare before the sopranos)... so, i'll never have to spend $3.99 for it again at carrabba's... i bought all the ingredients for 10 bucks and i can make it over and over and over again... :) yum...

anyway, sunday steven and i went grocery shopping (it was later that i went back to get the john cole ingredients)... while we were out steven's parents left a message on our voice mail saying that they were coming into town to go to old time pottery and to not come to their house that afternoon (we thought that we might, but we decided against it... not telling them that we weren't)... anyway... we figured that they were already at the store at that time, so, we thought that we might run to that store and find them and ask them to come over and have lunch with us (steven was gonna grill some steaks)... so, we went to old time pottery but couldn't find them or their car anywhere... so, after like 30 minutes of searching and waiting for them to show up if they were being slow we went home... later we found out that they came in another car with some friends...

anyway, that was my weekend... yippy... :)

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