Tuesday, October 29, 2002


ugh, i've got so much school work to do before friday... why can't i make myself do any of it?? i've got a paper due for my lit crit class on friday.. i'm not going to be in class on friday, so i was planning on handing it in tomorrow in class or sopping it off to my prof. on thursday... i just barely starting reading the material for the paper... i think i'll stay up late tonight and try to finish it, or at least put a big dent in it... and i've got to do a website review for my environmental sociology class... it should be pretty easy, i just have to decide what website i want to review... anyway, that's due thursday... i'm also planning on going to steven's parents house tomorrow night for a little visit... i'm also planning on going with steven to visit his grandmother thursday evening... that shouldn't interfere with my school work, though, cause my website review is due thursday afternoon in class... and my english paper needs to get handed in on thursday at the latest... so... blah... i need to get to work... i'm such a slug... grr...

it's yet another rainy day... 4th day in a row... this sucks... i just want to curl up on the couch, watch tv, and possibly fall asleep if i happen to get sleepy... but, no, got too much work to do...

AH! i forgot! i've got an art test on thursday that i need to study for!!! arrrrrg!!! shit... i really need to get to work......

oh, great... a fedex truck just blew up in st. louis......

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