Sunday, October 13, 2002

here i am!

well, it seems that i've forgotten to blog in quite a few days... oops... :) i haven't had anything worthwhile to say, so i've not even thought about blogging......

anyway, i've got a little something to talk about tonight...

steven and i got dish network... he's been wanting it since we got the huge TV... dish supposedly has better picture quality... anyway... yesterday i finally gave in and allowed him to get it... :) cause i'm the boss... :) sooo... we bought the dish and the set-up kit... they had free installation, but steven didn't want to wait a week (at most) to get it installed and insisted on doing it himself... it was a bitch, but he didn't get it installed himself... and he did a mighty good job, i must admit... anyway, we're watching satellite tv now and not cable (gonna cancel comcast tomorrow, but keep my cable internet)... i don't see how it looks any better than cable, but it's not any worse... and it's slightly cheaper... but, it's got some nifty features that my digital cable didn't have.. so, overall, i'm happier with it... only problem i have with it is the receiver doesn't have a clock on it like my digital cable receiver!! i keep looking over at it to see the time and it's not there.. grr... need to get a clock in here or something now... :)

anyway, so, our weekend was spent messing around with the dish...

oh... hee hee, i told steven that if he got the dish he had to let me get a new purse without fussing (using his credit card cause i had no cash on me)... she, he let me... so, i got a nice big leather one... :) that smells sooo lovely... i love it... :) :)

anyway, i think that's all i've got to say for now....

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