Wednesday, October 02, 2002


ughy, well, Lili's not gonna hit us here in Mobile... but, we're gonna get a lot of wind and rain... we've got a tropical storm warning here that extends to somewhere in Florida... i just hope our electricity doesn't go out again... i'm such a... i don't know what i am... i just need power... i can't stand being without it for... like... over 2 hours... i mean, i guess i wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't too hot or humid outside (as it was last thursday when our electricity went out for 5 hours)... i don't mind having the windows open as long as i can turn the fans on... but, with no electricity, that's not a possibility... i'm so whiney... :) anyway, i suppose it shouldn't be too bad... but, Lili has moved more towards us, more inside of Louisiana and not so much near the Louisiana-Texas border...

anyway, i need to go grocery shopping... get good healthy food!! :) i've decided that i'm not going to drink anything but water... just water... no soda, no diet soda even, no OJ (that's gonna kill me), no tea... nothing but water... i've done this before, and it really wasn't too difficult... so... i'm gonna try it again... i think i've also decided that when i my one meal that includes carbos i'm not going to go nuts on the carbos... i'm going to have one serving size... like, if i have pasta, i'm not going to go over one serving size of pasta... and i'm not going to eat any bread with the pasta... and, if i have a sandwich, i'm only going to eat the 2 slices of bread, and that's it... it's going to be a little difficult for me, cause it's not how i'm used to eating, but i think overall that it's really not too bad...

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