Wednesday, October 30, 2002

poopy dust

finished the website review... and i have started to study for my art test... ughy... i'm tired of school... :)

steven's on his way home from visiting his parents...

i'm so sleepy... damn studying always makes me want to go to bed...

i wanted to try to get some cleaning done tomorrow before i am incapacitated all weekend... but, i don't think i'm going to get the chance... i don't get home from school until 2... and steven's going to be leaving work at 2 tomorrow to come pick me up so that we can both go to lucedale... which leaves me about 30 minutes between wehn i get home and when he'll get here... that's no time to clean... arg... maybe we'll get home early enough tomorrow evening for me to be able to do laundry or something... i wanted to mop the kitchen floor, but i really don't see me getting that done... i really want to do the laundry, though... and dust... and vacuum... i scrubbed the bathroom a few days ago, so, it's not too dirty, but i do want to wipe it down.... ugh....

and steven's parents are going to be coming to check on me on saturday... i must have a clean apartment for when visitors come... i hate having company and the place is a mess... arg... so much to do... so little time!

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