Saturday, December 14, 2002


on my way home from shopping i was listening to a lite mix station that i NEVER listen to... i was only listening to it today because they were playing all christmas music... and, i'm a dork like that... anyway... i heard this chick come on... a she talked... and i was like "eww! i know her!!!!" so, i turned up the radio and she said her name was april... and, yep, that was the chick i knew....

she was in my environmental sociology class this past semester... she sat right next to me... and she was as annoying as all get out... she made comments all the time, and normally i don't mind my fellow studentss interacting with the prof... but, she just made stupid comments.. and i know my prof wanted to roll his eyes everytime she spoke up... but since he was the head of the sociology deptartment, he had to be very well behaved... but, anyway... yep, it was her... i knew she worked at a radio station, but i thought she just had a desk job... no idea she was one of the weekend DJs......

anyway, i bought a really really pretty box... i thought it would be big enough for the box clyde's ahses are already in, his leash, his toy football, and his brush... but.... no, not quite big enough... i just can't fit his brush in it... i might go back sometime and get a smaller box for his ashes... then maybe i can fit everything in there... i can fit everything in if i take his ashes outside of the box (they're in a plastic bag)... but, i wasn't very comfortable with that.....

k, gonna go bake now...

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