Tuesday, December 10, 2002

been a while

i know it's been a while since i've posted... i just haven't really had much to say... basically all that's been going on is the end of classes and exams... and i guess i'm too superstitious to really talk about that... i'm just praying that i'll get my diploma after all this is over........

i haven't gotten clyde's ashes back yet... i'm starting to et pissed off/nervous... the vet's office said that crematory usually delivers ashes within 1 to 2 days... it's been over a week........... one of the chicks at the vet's office said that the crematory is a 2 person operation, a husband a wife... and last week the husband was away at some convention, so the wife was working alone... she didn't even pick clyde up until wednesday from the vet... but this lady promised the chick at the vet that she would drop clyde off by monday (yesterday).... i went by thevet yesterday to see if they had him yet... and they didn't... the chick said she would call the crematory this morning if she hadn't heard anything from them by monday evening.......... sigh...

steven and i went to his company christmas party last night... it was ok.. i got to meet the dudes steven works with, that was kinda nice... i got to actually meet all those dudes that answer the phone when i call... they actually sang christmas carols at the party!!!! how corny!!!!!!!!!! it was so embarrassing... :)

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