Tuesday, December 17, 2002


someone forgot to inform the weather gods that it's mid-december... and that it should NOT be 71 degrees outside!!!

i am, however, enjoying wearing short sleeves and having my windows open... it is a gorgeous day... but how am i expected to get into the christmas spirit when it's 71 degrees?!?!

changing subjects... i was woken up bright and early this morning by mr. fedex man...... guess what i got?!?! my very first wedding present! from my aunt... but, my wedding isn't for another 5+ months... so, uh... what was she thinking? we're going up to NJ for this party my mom insisted on having... since none of my family is invited to the wedding, since it's going to be a very small event, my mom wanted to have a pre-wedding party... anyway... i'm not expecting any gifts or money or anything at this party... cause, it's 5 months before my wedding, it's not an engagement party, and it's not a shower... but, a lot of the things i've registered for have been bought... sooooo, i'm thinking maybe some people might be giving us gifts... which is alllllllllll good, don't get me wrong... :) anyway, i don't know why my aunt sent me this gift rather than giving it to my herself at the party, cause i already know she's gonna be there...

anyway, what she got me... was a place setting of the dishes i registered for!!! yippy!! she didn't buy them offline, like most people have... she got them at the actual store... and it didn't get marked off on the registry... so... arg... not that that really matters... anyway, she bought the dishes at the store and had the store ship it to me........ i opened the box and discovered the dinner dish is broken... BOO! the IDIOTS didn't pad the dishes or the box at all! they just put the box that the dishes already come in (which, by the way, is not at all padded, the different dishes in the box are just separated by cardboard) in another box, and shipped it away.... stupid... anyway... i'm gonna try to return them when i go up to NJ in a few weeks.. gonna go to the same store my aunt went to to return it...... i need to have this certain invoice and the original receipt in order to return it by mail... and i wasn't given this invoice or the original receipt... so, poopy dust... oh well, i'm still gonna get a nice set of dishes, though... :) yay!

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