Monday, January 20, 2003

the interview

well.. the interview only took like 10 minutes... and it went really well... i don't know what i was nervous about... the lady that interviewed me was the owner of the agency (actually, she and her husband are the owners)... she was really nice and pleasant... we made a little bit of small talk... and she told me what my responsibilities would be... she was impressed by my computer skills and told me that that was what she was really looking for... someone that was good on the computer... cause any fool can answer phones... she even told me she liked my outfit! the job seemed good to me... something i could definitely handle... the pay, however, isn't exactly what i was looking for... it's less than i wanted... but, i'm afraid to decline the job if it was offered to me... who knows when the next offer might come? and who knows how good that offer would be?

my mom wants me to keep looking... she said i could accept it (as if she was giving me permission) as long as i promised to keep looking... and hopefully get a better job a month or so later........ ugh, i'm so conflicted!! it's not even like they've offered it to me or anything! and they surely won't now with all the talking about it i've been doing it... i've totally jinxed myself........

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