Tuesday, February 11, 2003


Lisa demanded that i blog and entertain her... i have nothing to say...

ok, i'll write about my day...

woke up this morning... got a shower... took Mack for a walk... then i went to petsmart alone, i'm such a mean mommy, i know... but i didn't want to take Mack because i was going to buy him a big crate...i wanted it to be a surprise for him!... actually, ok, no, i didn't want it to be a surprise (you think i'm that big of a dork?)... i just didn't want to have to juggle Mack and the cart and trying to pull a big heavy box off a high shelf... i also got him a nice comfy pad for the crate and some pig's ears... yum...

anyway, i got home... and i was really excited about putting the crate together and seeing if Mack liked it (ok, maybe i'm a little bit of a dork)... but, sigh, i don't have enough arms... i kept getting the walls up, and trying to put the back on... but it kept collapsing every time i tried to reach for something or get another piece... it was very frustrating... so i gave up... i'll just have to wait till Steven gets home... boo...

Mack really seems to like the pig ears, though... when i got home i gave him one... he wasn't sure what to do with it at 1st, but he caught on... and he chewed on it for quite a while and then took a break for most of the afternoon... he started back on it a little while ago and he's just now finished it... at least it keeps him occupied and he doesn't have to chew on the furniture...

and then..... what did i do? just watched lots of tv and took Mack out... and then i went to the grocery store... and then i came home to watch more tv and take Mack out more... YAY!

ok.... boring enough for ya? entertained yet???

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