Thursday, February 06, 2003

Mack and the stairs

when Mack first came to live here, he wasn't sure about how to navigate the steps... he couldn't even get up the 1st step, let alone all 13 of them... now, however, he can run up the steps faster than i can... i've had to block off the steps with the baby gate... and i thought that was working just fine... until today..... i went to the laundry room to, duh, do laundry... i wasn't gone 10 minutes... i came home to find toilet paper torn up all over the apartment... upstairs and downstairs... now... how did he get toilet paper? there isn't any downstairs..... he must have gotten it from the bathroom... but the upstairs is blocked off...... the little bugger somehow found a way around the baby gate... i guess he went around the right of it and under the railing or something... he might have gotten on to the component unit thing to hop from the 2nd step to the 3rd..... i don't know.... he's clever though... or just really determined...

anyway, going down the steps, though, he's not quite so sure about... he takes each steps really slowly... he actually really just slides down each step on his belly... he lays down on the step and slides his front legs forward until they land on the next step down... then he slides down on his belly and sorta scootches sideways so he can put his back legs down ... it's really cute...

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