Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Mack report

well, i know i haven't blogged in a while.. i've been sorta busy with Mr. Mack-Doolehead... and that's it... my life's pretty dull... :)

i got a call yesterday from one of the companies i applied to to come in and fill out an application... they needed a application on top of the resume... i don't know why since the information on the application was the same exact info on my resume... past employment and schooling... so, that was kinda redundant... and it's not like i got to talk to anyone when i filled out my application... the only person i saw was the security guard at the front door... oh well... maybe that might lead somewhere...

Mack's sorta been chewing on some stuff that i don't want him chewing on... like the bottom of the desk and some wires... i got some bitter apple cream to smear on these things to try to deter him from chewing... i hope it works... i'm worried about him electrocuting himself...

i've also been trying to start on the right foot with Mack... dental health-wise... i bought a baby toothbrush for babies 2-4 months old to brush his teeth daily... it's recommended for good doggie teeth health, but who really ever does it?? i never did with Clyde... and his teeth suffered for it towards the end... he needed to go in once a year for a dental cleaning by the dentist... which requires anesthesia and all that jazz... so, i'm gonna try to be diligent about keeping Mack's teeth clean... he thinks it's a game, though, when i brush his teeth... he tries to eat the toothbrush... but he's actually really good and tolerant about it... so, that's good... i haven't gotten any doggie toothpaste yet... i'm gonna wait to do that after Mack just gets used to me rubbing a toothbrush around in his mouth...

the little dork has got to pick up everything in his path when we're walking... dead lizards, pine cones, sticks, clumps of bird feathers still attached to skin where (obviously) a kitty cat musta gotten it... anything... he picks up sticks 3 times bigger than him and runs with them... it's so cute... and the pine cones, you'd think they'd hurt his mouth, but i guess not... some things he picks up are really gross... but what are you gonna do? he's a puppy doggie...

he's still a little cuddle-bug... he likes to sleep on my chest or in my lap... he's learned how to climb the stairs and always wants to go up... so, i had to put the baby gate up at the foot of the steps... and whenever i go up he tries to go with me... he'll wait at the bottom of the steps until i come back... he's so cute... he's also learning how to jump up on top of the couch... it takes him a few tries but he does eventually get up there... he can only get his 2 front legs on top of he couch.. he kinda climbs the rest of the way up with his back legs... he'll eventually be able to do it with no effort...

anyway, here are some more pictures of Mack...

he had to get on the desk to check things out
taking a nap
just like Clyde used to do: laying on the couch, propped up on a pillow

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