Friday, February 21, 2003

the old man is snoring

woo wee, it's pouring this morning... and thundering and lightning! it's so lovely! i'm not big into rain, especially since i have a puppy that needs to go outside every 2 hours, but i am enjoying the thunder and lightning... and dark cloudy days like th is are somehow kinda cozy...

yesterday, steven invited some of his buddies from work over for dinner for tonight... they're 2 brothers from mexico living in very southern texas that are up here on business for a few months... so, i had planned on spending my day cleaning like a fiend and going to the grocery store to pick up stuff for hamburgers... steven was going to grill... but... since the weather is what t is today, i think he's going to raincheck our little dinner for next week some time...

i got a call yesterday from a human resources company i sent my resume to to come in for an interview on monday morning... i guess they would try to place me in some other company... but since they are going to try to find a job for me, i'm going to be firm with what i want... salary range and benefits...

lisa's coming 2 weeks from tomorrow... i'm starting to wonder if i really might have a job by then......? but, interviews don't necessarily lead to jobs... so, who knows...

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