Monday, March 03, 2003


ugh! having a puppy is so frustrating! he's peed in the house twice today, and he's been really good lately about not going inside...twice he's done it shortly after I've taken him outside... both times we were outside at least 15 minutes, going to his regular bathroom spots... I don't get it! it wasn't raining out when I took him, though it is now... the 1st time we went out before he peed in the house, he didn't pee outside.. so, I thought he just didn't have to go... 5 minutes after coming inside the house, he pees...... 2nd time, he did go to the bathroom outside, so, why go again inside?!?! UGH!!

anyway, it's pouring out now... lovely day...

oh, Mack discovered that his pecker isn't only for peeing with... he humped my arm this morning... *sigh*... he started out by just playing... like, attacking my arm... then he decided to hump it... my baby's growing up so fast!! :) lord, I hope he doesn't start to embarrass me by humping visitors and stuff....... he's still really young... maybe he won't do it too much... I hope I hope...

Lisa's coming in a few days!! yay! a friend!!!! something to DO!

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