Tuesday, March 18, 2003


Another night alone. Steven has to go to his bosses house (again) to work on his computer. last week his hard-drive crashed so he got a new one and now Steven has to install it. *sigh* I hope this is it. Steven needs to start getting paid for this shit. But, it's for his boss, so what can he say? No? Sure, for 20 bucks? Oh well. So, anyway, I'll be home alone this evening. Blah. He should come home tonight if he's not at his bosses all night long. If it takes longer than anticipated, he'll just stay at his parent's house.

I called one of the temp agencies I signed up with. I asked the lady if she's found anything for me yet. It's been almost a month since I saw her. She said yeah, there's a temp-to-hire receptionist job she needs to find someone for. It's for less money than I told her I would accept, but at this point I'll take anything. So, she's going to give the company my resume and see if they want me. I'm not sure when I'll hear from her again. Or will I hear from the actual company? I'll call her Friday if I haven't heard anything by that point. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed. And the company is supposedly really close to here.. so many I can come home on my lunch and take Mack out. That would be great. But, I just remember something.... I'm gonna need 2 weeks off in May. It's just a temp-to-hire position. Even if they are interested in me, they won't hire me once I tell them that I'll need all that time off. They'd need to hire another temp to fill in for me during that time. Crap. *sigh* I'll never find a job.

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