Thursday, March 06, 2003

new look... again

I had an interview this morning. It was for another temp/temp-to-perm company. I didn't know that this was a temp agency until I got there. The ad just said "immediate need for secretary, e-mail Patsy at blah blah." The company name is ACO; I didn't know what that stood for, and I still don't. I was all excited I had an interview with a company... but nooo, another temp agency. Poo. Oh well. I'm registered at two temp places now, so, more chances getting a phone call, I guess.

Anyway, so, I was bored today (obviously) and decided to change my blog look... again. Once again, I didn't design this one myself. I've been bored, but not that bored. Been feeling too lazy to make my own design, and besides, I never like my own designs better than the designs I can find elsewhere. I'm just not creative enough to make something I really like.

One of my neighbors, Lee, came over today to drop off a stuffed parrot or toucan or whatever the hell it is that her daughters caught at the parade on Tuesday. Lee said her daughters caught it with the plan to give to Mack, so that was really sweet, though, looking at the parrot/toucan, I know why they didn't want to keep it... it only has one wing. Hee hee. But Mack doesn't care. He's working on ripping off the remaining wing. He's enjoying it. Lee also wanted to inform me that my next door neighbor's truck was broken into last night and his stereo was stolen. Greeeeat. He just got it less than 2 weeks ago. He just got the truck about 3 weeks ago. He's so proud of it. I'm wondering, though, why they didn't touch our cars. The escape has a huge sub-woofer in the back and a really nice stereo and amplifiers under the seats. You can see the stereo and sub-woofer from the outside, so, why didn't they touch the escape? Did they figure on there being an alarm? Or were they my neighbor's crack-head acquaintances? Did he owe them money? Did they need money for a fix? Hee hee, I'm awful, but it's a possibility. I know they smoke pot... a lot. Oh well, none of my business. Just don't touch our vehicles!

Have you noticed I'm trying to get away from my over-usage of "..."?? I still used them a few times, but, I'm really trying to break that habit. I'm also trying to use proper sentences and capitalize words at the beginning of the sentences. It's really, really difficult!!

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