Tuesday, March 18, 2003

This-or-That Tuesday

Quite a few of the blogs that I read have done this today... so, I have to be a complete biter and do it, too... :)

1. Cold frosty ski slopes or warm sandy beach?
Well, it depends on the time of year you ask me this question... No, actually, it doesn't. I don't ski. So, I'd say (usually) warm sandy beaches. Yeah.
2. Chevy or Ford?
3. Mac or PC?
PC. I haven't touched a Mac since elementary school.
4. Dial-up or high speed internet access?
Oh, Lord, high speed, all the way. Can never ever go back to dial-up.
5. Small *family-only* wedding or large 200+ guest wedding?
FAMILY ONLY! I would have actually preferred to just elope and let everyone know when we got back. The least amount of people the better.
6. Would you rather be the bridesmaid or the bride? (if you are a guy, substitute best man or groom)
Well, being the bride, for me, isn't as wonderful as it is for a lot of chickies that dream of being a bride and having a huge wedding. I hate being the center of attention... I'm really shy. So, um, I guess I'd say the bridesmaid... :)
7. AC/DC or ABBA?
Uh, neither?
8. Roses or daisies?
Hmm... I think I would say daisies because they seem to be more casual.
9. Trashy romance novels or classic literature?
Classic literature, for sure.
10. NEW! Thought-provoking question of the week...If you had to choose one...would you rather be blind or deaf? Why?
I'd definitely have to chose to be deaf. I couldn't imagine not being able to see. I think that's way more important than hearing. Sure, music is great and all... but... life is so much more limiting, I would think, if you're blind.

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